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Corporate governance

Members of the Board of Directors

Gd H3 Guillaume d’Hauteville Board Chair

Guillaume d’Hauteville (born 1963) has served as member of Ice Group ASA's (AINMT) board of directors since October 2018. In May 2020 he was elected Chair of the Board.

D’Hauteville is Vice Chairman of Access Industries and serves as the Chairman of Deezer and STT Properties.

D’Hauteville has many years’ experience from the telecommunication business. D’Hauteville has previously served as Vice Chairman of Nomura International and served as a Managing Director of Paris Office of Lehman Brothers Inc. D'Hauteville also served as the firm's Co-Head of French Investment Banking in July 2005; Chairman of Lehman Brothers - France in September 2003; and Vice Chairman of European Investment Banking in January 2007. He served as the Chief Executive of France at Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. and also served as its Co-Head of Investment Banking in France. In 2000 Mr. D'Hauteville joined Banque Lehman Brothers France, where he was served as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

D'Hauteville graduated with an M.B.A. from HEC and Harvard Business School.

Mari Thjømøe Mari Thjømøe Director

Mari Thjømøe (born 1962) has served as member of Ice Group ASA's (AINMT) board of directors since October 2018.

Thjømøe has 30 years of experience from oil and energy, finance and real estate. She has held various management positions including SVP in Statoil ASA, CFO in KLP Insurance, and CFO and CEO in Norwegian Property ASA. Thjømøe runs an investment and consulting business, and she is a board member of several companies, both listed and private. Thjømøe holds a Master of Economics and Business Administration from BI Norwegian Business School and is a Chartered Financial Analyst from the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration (“NHH”).

Thjømøe has attended executive programme at London Business School and Harvard Business School. She is a Norwegian citizen, and resides in Oslo, Norway.

Thjømøe and associated companies have a total holding of 87,549 shares in the company.

Motman Roshi Motman Director

Roshi Motman was elected to the Board of Ice Group (AINMT) in May 2021.

Motman (born 1979, resident in Sweden) is currently the COO, Board member and investor of Amuse, a global digital music distribution and label business, based in Stockholm. Previously, she was the CEO of Millicom/Tigo Ghana and later the CEO for the merged entity with telco giant Bharti Airtel, AirtelTigo Ghana. Prior to her stint at Millicom/Tigo, Ms. Motman worked for Tele2 in Sweden, where she held various management positions. She is also a Board member of Swedfund International, the Swedish state’s development financier and is the co-founder of Qualiteq, a software development and telecom services house. Ms. Motman holds a MSc in Industrial Engineering and Management from Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden.

Roshi Motman holds 173,703 shares in the company. She is independent of the main shareholders.