AINMT AS completes share issue

Oslo, 25 February 2016 – AINMT AS has completed a share issue of NOK 78.1 million towards selected shareholders of AINMT Holdings AB.

The share issue was authorized by AINMT AS’ annual general meeting on 20 April 2015 and is related to the USD 82.5 million share issue that was completed on 22 April 2015, where shareholders in AINMT Holdings AB were promised to receive an offer to roll their shares into OTC-listed AINMT AS shares which are more liquid at identical price levels. This AINMT AS share issue is the result from this offer and is the total shares that will be rolled over. Total number of shares in AINMT Holdings AB is unchanged implying no dilution from this transaction for AINMT AS shareholders.

A total of 1,301,013 new shares were issued and paid in kind with equal amount of B-shares in AINMT Holdings AB. Following the share issue, AINMT AS’ share capital is NOK 24,800,715 divided into 24,800,715 registered shares each with a nominal value of NOK 1.00.

AINMT AS is a holding company for owning shares in AINMT Holdings AB. AINMT AS will increase its ownership of AINMT Holdings AB to approximately 24.1 % of the share capital (23.1 % on a fully diluted basis) after this transaction. AINMT Holdings AB owns 100% of the shares in AINMT Scandinavia Holdings AS and AINMT International Holdings BV.

For additional information, please contact:
Johan Michelsen, CFO AINMT Holdings AB and chairman of the board of AINMT AS
Tel: +47 410 87 000