AINMT AS: mandatory notification of trade

Oslo, 1 July 2016 – Employees in the AINMT group have purchased a total of 48 170 shares in AINMT AS at NOK 65 per share for a combined value of NOK 3 131 050,-. In addition, an executive has sold 10 000 shares, which have been purchased by other executives and employees.

As a consequence of interest from employees within the AINMT group to acquire AINMT AS shares at the same price as the share issue completed last week, AINMT has organised a process that gives employees an opportunity to buy shares below the minimum subscription amount of EUR 100 000. The 48 170 shares have been acquired through a combination of subscription in the share issue completed last week (17 692 shares), purchase from a private investor (20 478 shares), and from an executive (10 000 shares).

On 30 June 2016, Martin Westersø, finance director of, sold 10,000 shares in AINMT AS at a price of NOK 65 per share. Following this transaction, Martin Westersø continues to own 13 194 shares in AINMT AS. Commenda AS, a company owned by CFO of AINMT Holdings AB and chairman of the board of AINMT AS, Johan Michelsen, has acquired 3 846 shares. Eivind Helgaker, managing director of, has also acquired 3 846 shares, while employees in have acquired the remaining 2 308 shares. All shares have been purchased at a price of NOK 65 per share.

Subsequent to these transactions, Johan Michelsen owns 1,208,377 shares in AINMT AS, while Eivind Helgaker owns 9 846 shares in AINMT AS and 138 130 shares in AINMT Holdings AB.


For further information, please contact:


Johan Michelsen, CFO, AINMT Holdings AB, +47 410 87 000


Endre Aaberg Johansen, Corporate Communications AS, tel: +47 41 61 06 05, email: