EGM minutes: new ice group board of directors elected

21 August 2018 - An extraordinary general meeting in ice group AS ("ice group" or "the company") today elected a new board of directors, consisting of Hans Holger Albrecht (chairman), Thomas Harding, Ingvild Myhre and Hermann Siegfried Jörg Mohaupt.

The newly elected chairman and directors of the board have all served as members of the ice group board for several years already, ensuring a high level of continuity for the company. The new board of directors represents several decades of operational and investment experience from the telecom sectors in Scandinavia and internationally.

The new board of directors will formally be in place from the date the de-merger of ice group International AS is completed. The company is planning to notify the Norwegian Register of Business Enterprise of completion of the de-merger by the end of the week. The company expects the completion of the de-merger to be registered and effective within the next week or so.

For further information, see enclosed minutes of meeting.