Full speed and competition on 5G

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Eivind Helgaker, CEO of Ice Group ASA and Minister of Local Government and Digitalisation, Linda Hofstad Helleland at the celebration at Ice Headquarters in Oslo on 16 December 2020.

Ice has formally opened two 5G pilots, located in Tromsø and Oslo, respectively. Minister of Digitalisation Linda Hofstad Helleland and Pro-Rector at UiT the Arctic University of Norway Kenneth Ruud marked this milestone on 16 December 2020 by conducting a digital meeting where both were connected to Ice's 5G network at different ends of the country.

“In recent years, we have worked hard with further development of the new mobile network in Norway, and every single day we roll out more 5G-ready equipment from Nokia. We will now test 5G on different mobile frequencies and have good partners which ensures access to lightning-fast fiber. We are also continuing the network rollout all over the country and have a short way to 5G in many places”, says Eivind Helgaker, CEO of Ice Group ASA.

With Ice's investment in 5G, consumers in Norway will be able to benefit from the continued competition in the Norwegian telecom market also on 5G. Ice is building a mobile network where over 1,400 base stations are ready for 5G based on Nokia's AirScale radio technology. Thus, the company has a short way to a rapid increase in 5G coverage when the necessary piloting has been completed. Increased competition and security with three mobile networks are important for consumers, business and the public sector, and are crucial for establishing sustainable competition.

“This affects us all. The country's three mobile networks form an absolutely necessary foundation for the future modern Norway and we must work to ensure that everyone has a lightning-fast connection to the internet. The development of 5G is about everything from better streaming of movies and music, to a strong expansion of what we can achieve in areas such as healthcare, emergency networks, transport, industry and not least it will be a boost for digital security and emergency preparedness”, said Minister of Local Government and Digitalisation Linda Hofstad Helleland at the celebration at Ice Headquarters in Oslo on 16 December.

About the 5G pilots

The 5G pilot in Tromsø involves user testing on the 3,600 MHz frequency band with both 5G mobile phones and wireless broadband routers. The company will now go from internal tests to inviting pilot customers who will be able to try the mobile network of the future for the very first time. Preliminary speed tests give over 1 Gigabit per second, which clearly demonstrates how attractive 5G can be to many. Seven base stations have been prepared so far, which are the core of the pilot and they are designed to provide continuous 5G within the coverage area.

The 5G pilot in Oslo involves user testing in the 700 and 2,100 MHz bands. Pilot customers will be invited to use both 5G mobile phones and routers for wireless broadband. Ice has turned on 14 base stations for this first pilot and more will come at the commercial launch.


About Ice Group ASA

Ice Group is a telecommunications company with a nationwide network in Norway. The company operates a pure 4G mobile network, providing smartphone, m2m, IoT and mobile broadband services to B2C and B2B customers.