Ice Group acquires Komplett Mobil’s customer base

Ice Group ASA’s (“Ice Group” or “the company”) subsidiary company Ice Communication Norge AS ("Ice") has entered into an agreement to acquire the customer base of the Norwegian mobile virtual network operator Komplett Mobil AS ("Komplett Mobil").

“Ice is the main challenger in the Norwegian mobile phone market. Similarly to Komplett Mobil, we have built up a customer base through customer-friendly price levels and products. We are quite simply a good match for each other,” says Eivind Helgaker, CEO of Ice Group.

Ice will pay Komplett Mobil an estimated amount of approximately NOK 105 million for the customer base. The amount can increase or decrease depending on how many Komplett Mobil customers that remain customers of Ice following the forthcoming migration process. As of 15 March 2019, Komplett Mobil had 74,740 active subscribers.

Managing director of Komplett Mobil, Haakon Dyrnes, is also satisfied with the deal and that his customers end up with ice in Norway:

“We experience ice as a strong challenger to the mobile phone duopoly. They are an innovative, cost-conscious and customer-friendly mobile phone player. Their offering is very similar to what we have offered our customers,” says Haakon Dyrnes, managing director of Komplett Mobil.

Komplett Mobil’s customers do not need to take any action in connection with the transfer of their customer relationship, before they receive more information from ice. Their ice subscription will be almost identical to their current subscription, but all Komplett Mobil customers will immediately benefit from the fact that ice does not automatically charge for excess data usage.

In addition, all Komplett Mobil customers will receive an introductory gift of twice as much data and no monthly fee the first month after their subscription has been transferred to ice. The customers will also receive a discount code that can be utilised at which offers 50% discount on all iiglo mobile phone accessories until the end of June 2019.

Ice is Norway’s fastest growing mobile network operator. The company has a 4G smartphone network covering 89 percent of the country’s population and is 5G ready. Network traffic is automatically routed through another operator’s network where ice does not have own coverage.

“A larger customer base enables us to further improve our competitiveness, which will ultimately benefit our customers. We will defend our position as the operator that delivers high quality at competitive prices as well as new, customer-centric products. We hope and believe that Komplett Mobil’s customers will appreciate the many customer-centric products and services they will get access to as customers of ice,” says Eivind Helgaker.

Migration of customers is scheduled for April to June 2019.


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