Ice increases data packets by up to 75 percent

Ice renews its subscriptions. From 1 September, Ice launches its new portfolio, and some subscriptions increase the amount of data by 75 percent, at no extra cost.

- This is good news for both existing and new customers. Now you get more data, without paying a penny more, says commercial director of Ice, Shiraz Abid.

He says that Ice will be at the forefront of a Norwegian market that is constantly increasing data use, and Ice customers will always have the best offers.

- We see that most customers are now moving up to subscriptions with 5 GB or more, while the customer groups who want little data are declining. Therefore, we continue to increase the amount of data in our subscriptions.

Customers on existing price plans will automatically receive more data at the same price.

- You do not even have to swipe a finger, says Abid.

The change in Ice's subscriptions is also a result of increasing competition. Abid says that Ice is still growing the most, but that there is a fierce battle for private customers in 2021.

- There have been several players, all with a focus on price. In addition, we see that competition has increased in all volume segments, from 0.5 GB to subscriptions with unlimited data, says Abid.

As the developer of Norway's third mobile network, it is part of Ice's mission to provide better prices and mobile services for Norwegian customers.

- There is a huge price difference between the operators who build their own mobile networks. We encourage the other network owners, Telenor and Telia, to do the same as us. We will fight to give the best offers, and have the most satisfied customers. In this way, competition ensures that all customers in Norway get more and more for their money.

With the new portfolio, there are very few who can compete with Ice on price.

- If you feel that you now have too much data, you can always switch to a cheaper subscription and actually save money. We will always encourage you to find the subscription that suits you best, even if we are now facilitating higher data usage.