Ice launches Annual Agreement

It should pay off to think long-term. In the same way as when you buy a subscription for public transport or for streaming movies, it is beneficial to have an Annual Agreement. The same principle is now being introduced at ice, but with full flexibility to change subscriptions during the period.

- At ice we have always disliked the traditional binding of mobile subscriptions, and have now launched a completely unique Annual Agreement that provides both savings and allow the customer to retain full flexibility to change subscriptions with ice during the period. The pilot we have run has resulted in very good feedback from customers, says Shiraz Abid, commercial director of ice.

Customers at ice are constantly tempted by offers from competitors with binding requirements, and they ask if ice does not offer something similar. That's why ice has launched an Annual Agreement that values ​​customer loyalty, they get a lower price - and yet they retain full flexibility.

- We know that a lot can happen in a whole year, and that is why flexibility is so important. Locking in to a subscription that is too small or too large can be frustrating. We try to challenge all sides of the mobile market. For example, we were the first to introduce Data Rollover and Rollover Sharing, and now with the Annual Agreement we are embarking on something we believe can be so much better, says Abid

- In a market characterized by hidden discounts, it is important for us to have competitive and openly available subscriptions to all customers, both new and existing, regardless of whether the data need is large or small. Our launch of the Annual Agreement is an extension of this. All our ordinary subscriptions can be included in the Annual Agreement, with both a discount and full flexibility, as an alternative, in all our sales and self-service channels, says Henrik Kjensjord, Head of Product & Offering at ice.