Ice tests fixed wireless broadband

New technology creates exciting opportunities in new areas.

- As a result of the fact that we have built one of the world's best networks, and secured very valuable frequency resources securing the ability to produce large amounts of data, it's natural that we also try out new products. We have recently launched our first subscription with unlimited data on mobile, and 5G will create new exciting opportunities, says Jan-Erik Hvidsten who heads the technology department at Ice.

One product we are now exploring further is Fixed Wireless Access (FWA), and we have now started end-to-end testing.

The solution for fixed wireless broadband will use the 700 MHz and 2.1 Ghz bands with 5G technology in this pilot. Ice has recently received a share of the 3.6 GHz band, for which they won licenses in this autumn's frequency auction, and will shortly also include these in testing. Hvidsten looks forward to being able to ask people to let loose, first with unlimited data on their mobile phones and perhaps also eventually other types of broadband products in the new Ice network.

- We see that our network combined with our new frequencies can ensure world-class speeds and capacity, says the technology director.

Testing will continue throughout the spring and gradually escalate in line with the 5G development.