Launch of NiceMobil - a fully digital sub-brand

Ice launches the NiceMobil brand, which is fully digital, and simply cheap.

NiceMobil is the world's first fully digital mobile brand. This marks the beginning of the removal of physical SIM cards, and tougher competition on price.

- NiceMobil is so simple that you don't even need the old SIM card. We will only use eSIM that you activate via our app. That means the countdown for the last SIM card to be recycled has begun, says Eivind Helgaker, CEO of Ice Group ASA.

The first subscriptions for NiceMobil will be 1GB (NOK 100), 3GB (NOK 150), and 8GB (NOK 200).

Simply cheap

NiceMobil will focus on simplicity, and low prices.

- It's simply cheap. We want to appeal to customers who want the absolute easiest, and by far the best prices in the mobile market, says Shiraz Abid, commercial director at Ice.

Abid believes that switching mobile operators in Norway has been too difficult, and that changing SIM cards is tricky.

- How many of us haven't searched the house to find a paper clip or something small enough to get the old card out. At the same time, the fact that someone put gold in their SIM cards is proof of how lucrative the Norwegian mobile market has been for some. The tribute they have given the SIM card should worry consumers, as the SIM cards have been one of the obstacles for people to switch operators. Now that this is out of the way, it will be easier to choose the mobile operator with the best offer.



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