Minutes from general meeting

Oslo, 30 October 2015 – The extraordinary general meetings in AINMT AS and AINMT Holdings AB have approved new convertible loans.

On 30 September 2015, AINMT AS announced that it had secured USD 120 million in subordinated PIK loan funding to finance ambitious growth plans in Scandinavia and internationally. The new subordinated PIK loan with par value USD 80 million maturing in 2030 was disbursed to AINMT Holdings AB early October and USD 50 million was subsequently injected as new equity capital in AINMT Scandinavia AS.

The additional USD 40 million of subordinated capital committed will be provided as a perpetual callable subordinated convertible loan from AINMT AS to AINMT Holdings AB with a conversion price of SEK 79.84/share, to be funded by a corresponding loan from RASMUSSENGRUPPEN AS to AINMT AS.

AINMT AS and AINMT Holdings AB have today, on 30 October 2015, completed extraordinary general meetings that have approved such financing. Approximately 73.6% of the shares in AINMT AS were represented at the AINMT AS general meeting. 100% of the shares in AINMT Holdings AB were represented at the AINMT Holdings AB general meeting. All resolutions were unanimous. The minutes from the extraordinary general meeting in AINMT AS are attached hereto.

AINMT AS was established in March 2015 as a holding company for owning shares in AINMT Holdings AB and currently owns approximately 22.9 % of the share capital (22.1 % on a fully diluted basis) in AINMT Holdings AB. RASMUSSENGRUPPEN AS is the holder of approximately 29.5 % of the shares in AINMT AS. AINMT Holdings AB owns 100% of the shares in AINMT Scandinavia Holdings AS and AINMT International Holdings BV.

For additional information, please contact:

Johan Michelsen, CFO AINMT Holdings AB and chairman of the board of AINMT AS
Tel: +47 410 87 000