Share option replacement programme

Ice Group ASA’s (“Ice Group” or “the company”) announces that, following the postponement of the potential initial public offering of Ice Group’s shares on Oslo Børs as announced on 6 December 2018, the board of directors has replaced and continued the option programme that expired in December 2018.

The programme includes a total of 3,522,000 options, each entitling the holder to the issue of one share in the company with a strike price of NOK 15.13 (equal to SEK 16.23, which was the strike price in the expired programme). The latest exercise date for the 1,825,000 options held by current employees and board members is 31 December 2020, while the latest exercise date for the options held by others is 31 December 2019. Option holders include current board members Hans-Holger Albrecht (180k options) and Ingvild Myhre (150k options), and CEO Eivind Helgaker (545k options) and CFO Henning Karlsrud (50k options).

The company aims to issue options for around 1.5% of the shares in the company every year.


For further information, please contact:

Investors: Henning Karlsrud, CFO of Ice Group, tel: +47 930 45 389

Media: Endre Aaberg Johansen, Corporate Communications AS, tel: +47 416 10 605, email:

About Ice Group ASA

Ice Group is a telecommunications company with nationwide networks within each of its territories. In Norway, the company operates a pure 4G mobile network, providing smartphone, m2m, IoT and mobile broadband services to B2C and B2B customers. Its Norwegian business was the fastest growing mobile network operator in Europe in 2017. Ice Group also offers mobile broadband, m2m and IoT services in Denmark through its own network. For more information, see